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Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney may be one of the most useful legal documents you will ever sign. In Texas, a power of attorney provides a practical means of appointing a person of your choice to make decisions or take action for you immediately or when you can no longer do it for yourself. This typically includes decisions regarding medical treatment, long-term care and finances. A power of attorney allows you to choose someone who will have your best interests in mind when making those decisions.

Signing a power of attorney does not mean you will lose your independence; it is not a guardianship. What it does mean is that you have selected someone to serve as your agent, a helper, to act on your behalf.

Laws in Texas are different from laws in other states. Therefore, it's important for you to contact a competent Texas attorney who is experienced in this area of practice to evaluate your needs.

Our attorneys prepare medical and financial powers of attorney that are up to date and unambiguous. Third parties in our area routinely accept and acknowledge the legitimacy of the powers of attorneys drafted by our office.

Other Advance Directives

Decisions about which actions are taken if a person is facing an end-of-life situation should be left up to the individual. Legal documents may be drafted to specify your wishes and prevent such matters from being decided by strangers or the courts.

Advance "living will" directives or advance health care directives are legally recognized documents by which difficult decisions are prescribed concerning the type of medical treatment a person receives when he or she is near death. Because nursing homes and hospitals probably don't know your intentions, it's important that an advance directive is prepared to communicate your wishes and give them legal effect after you can no longer express yourself directly.

At Baker & Baker Attorneys at Law, our lawyers can advise you concerning your advance directive options and help prepare the necessary documentation for you.

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