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There is no such thing as a free nursing home. Even Veterans Affairs facilities are paid for with prior service. Far too few people have long-term care insurance, and not many families can afford to "private pay" for long. "Private pay" means writing a check every month, and that often leads to losing everything, including savings, homes and personal belongings.

The options for paying for long-term nursing home care are limited, and many family members simply cannot afford to provide the care. Without the necessary knowledge and experience to take the right steps, a person could lose everything in the last months or years of his or her life just paying for care.

At Baker & Baker, we understand your long-term care concerns and will help you find peace of mind by providing you with:

  • Detailed information so you understand your options.
  • Professional advice concerning your unique situation.
  • A plan to obtain Medicaid benefits to pay for long-term care.
  • Guidance to carry out the plan that protects the maximum amount of estate assets (income, savings, etc.
  • An understanding of the tools needed such as powers of attorney, Miller Trusts, Lady Bird Deeds, etc.
  • An advocate acting on your behalf to deal with the Medicaid bureaucracy and nursing home administration.
  • General Assistance obtaining quality and affordable long-term care.

Attorneys Helping Elderly People In Texas Preserve Their Assets

There are legal ways to preserve a Medicaid applicant's savings and assets and still receive quality long-term care. We can help you protect your assets, while complying with complicated state and federal regulations.

There are many misconceptions concerning what is required to obtain Medicaid benefits. Our experienced lawyers and staff members are here to guide you through this maze and help you every step along the way. To help you obtain benefits for yourself or a loved one, we will explain how the system works and deal with the bureaucracy for you.

Vital Long-Term Care And Medicaid Eligibility Topics

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