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Corpus Christi Guardianship Lawyer

Setting Up A Guardianship

The focus of a guardianship is always the best interest of the person needing care. Although this often means providing advice and counsel to family members seeking a guardianship for a parent, it can also involve a guardianship for a nonparent when the at-risk individual suffers from mental illness or other disabling conditions.

The purpose of a guardianship is to provide protection and supervision for an incapacitated individual, and family members frequently seek this option to be sure a loved one remains safe and to avoid abuse, neglect or exploitation. When you need a guardianship, seek the assistance of a Corpus Christi guardianship lawyer.

Putting Your Loved One First

At Baker & Baker, our purpose from beginning to end is to help you do what is best for your incapacitated loved one, whether by establishing a guardianship or providing long-term care. We wish they could remain vibrant and independent. Unfortunately, there may come a point when they become unable to take care of themselves.

Average life expectancy for Americans is at an all-time high. With medical advancements, we can expect more individuals to live even longer in the future. Sadly, with this extended life expectancy, we are also seeing more individuals suffer from dementia and Alzheimer's disease. The financial and emotional toll on families caring for those suffering from these conditions is enormous. Appointment of a guardian may significantly improve the quality of life for all concerned.

We take referrals from the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS), nursing homes, and various health care providers. If necessary, we can provide a guardian for incapacitated individuals if one is not otherwise available.

To learn more about guardianships and to arrange an initial consultation with an attorney at Baker & Baker Attorneys at Law, contact us online or call us at 361-371-4133.

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